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Thread: Urbik???

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    lol i CALLED IT.....hood made urbik look like he was a keeper

    and somebody made a thread about it lol

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    Yeah I'm starting to think I could drive block Hood. He got blown off the ball repeatedly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raleigh Steel View Post
    or it could be that their blocking scheme suits him better than the crappy one that we incorporate.
    i said before.. that we need to keep our rookies and offensive players until arians is gone, so we can get a true evaluation of them with a real oc in charge...

    truly.. we scored 6 points against the bills in two qtrs... arians sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Trap86 View Post
    and somebody made a thread about it lol
    No one on here said Urbik was a keeper. I started the thread because Wilcots pointed out in the beginning of the game he was an ex-Steeler so I watched how he did. I would have done the same for Logan with Detroit who was sixth in KR and PR before Sunday I believe. Comments were more of an indication on how Hood cant beat one on ones and how Urbik stoned our d line most of the game.
    Have Terrible Towel, Will Travel.

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    I wasn't knocking the thread. Although I don't keep a close eye on the trenches, I agree that Urbik looked decent yesterday and I just found it amusing because Ktrain has been ranting about this guy and said somebody would say Urbik matched up well against Hood, both who were in our 2009 draft class, and you just so happened to make a thread about it lol

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