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Thread: TO and ocho call ben soft

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    TO and ocho call ben soft

    alright I can't wait til somebody levels these cocky sons of witches. Your on a 2-8 team and your talking trash?

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    Terrell Owens has cried in every post-game interview that he's ever had, and Ben's the soft one?

    Everyone saying that Ben took a dive there is clearly not familiar with the laws of physics. Like Mike Wilbon said yesterday, Ben is big, Richard Seymour is bigger. When you get pushed in the face like that, completely unexpected, by someone that out weighs you by 50 or 60 pounds, hello. I'm pretty sure anyone would go down.

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    lol who cares what they have to say, i don't think anybody can hear them from down there anyway.
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    Both of them stupid girls are soft like a double roll of Charmin.

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    Their show is lame....TO calling out Revis is funny, the Bengals are 2-8 I think I'd keep my lips shut!! lol

    As for Ben, "YOU GOT KNOCKED THE F OUT"!! Who cares what the sisters have to say!!

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    hey T.O, you are 2-8 and got rocked by the bills lol

    T.O. says Big Ben is “soft”
    Posted by Mike Florio on November 23, 2010, 10:12 PM EST

    In this week’s episode of The T.Ocho Show, which should be renamed for now The 2-Ocho Show, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco discuss among other things the $25,000 fine imposed on Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour for an open-handed blow to the head that put Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the ground in the second quarter of Sunday’s game between the two teams.

    “I liked it,” Owens said. “He’d probably do it again for another 25.”

    Ochocinco said that Seymour “can’t be swinging on people out there on the field,” comparing the conduct to the WWE. T.O. preferred to invoke a different sport.

    “A hockey player would have took that and kept on tickin’,” T.O. said. “It just shows you how soft Ben is.”

    Yeah, Ben’s soft. The guy who played against the Colts with a pair of Mr. Potato Head arms, who made no attempt to tackle safety Aaron Francisco after an interception that resulted from a T.O. short-arm effort, and who made no effort to recover what appeared to be a fumble by Francisco is calling a guy who got knocked to the ground by a cheap shot “soft.”

    Owens also has his facts wrong. Roethlisberger did take the blow and “kept on tickin’.” And the Steelers went into halftime with a big lead, and they weren’t outscored 42-3 the rest of the way.

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    it's not uncommon to take a dive when it suits you in the NFL. hell, even Hines has done it. kickers do it ALL the time. saw an article and interviews with kickers how they use it to draw flags. IMO it "looked" like he flopped but in either case it would have gotten the flag. as for "soft", they know better...

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    I respect TO's ability, he damn near beat us earlier in the year all by himself. As for may want to have over 15 yards against us before you call anyone on our team soft.

    Both of them should STFU until they at least are .500 Until then they should find ways to make their QB more like ours. Good luck, Bungles

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    Like it or hate these guys are entertainers that have created a character for themselves. Purits are insulted but many fans are entertained with this WWE type of dramatics.
    I used to hate these guys but now I dont take it as seriously as I used to.

    Dennis Rodman, Primetime, Bozworth all did OK with this type of marketing. Crap, it was like telling me there was no Easter Bunny when I found out Howard Stern also played this character out but then went home and was a normal guy in his private life.
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    2-8 with carson palmer
    7-3 with ben roethlisberger

    if only palmer was as "soft" as ben the bengals might be in contention for a playoff spot instead of the #1 pick in next year's draft.
    "Today, I'm officially retiring a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don't want to play it in any other uniform. The black and gold runs deep in me, and I will remain a Steeler for life."--Hines Ward

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