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Thread: Seymour only fined 25k

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    I don't really have a problem with this. The 75k for Harrison was too much for what is a split second decision. But the 25k is about right. It was open handed and Ben wasn't hurt at all.

    Sure if it was Manning or Brady he would have gotten a bigger fine, but that would be because they would have been out concussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by igor0190 View Post
    $25,000 to seymour probably the right amount.
    $75,000 to Harrison definately without a doubt STILL the wrong amount. Absurd.

    Being a repeat offender I was still hoping seymour got suspended for a game. Who cares though, he's a loser and has to play for the al davis led oak raiders.
    That sums it up right here. There is nothing wrong with the 25k fine Seymour got. The problem is that Steelers is getting fined for doing nothing. I mean, Woodley got 12.5k for putting to flat hands on the shoulders of Brady last week, and Harrison may or may not get a fine for a total legit hit on Campbell.
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    I would like to know why he was only fined and not made to sit out any games after all he punched someone..

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    I thought they gave out fines on Fridays?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelerlyn View Post
    I thought they gave out fines on Fridays?
    I was thinking the same thing, I guess they just wanted to make a statement "we don't really care what happens to Ben since he has been falsely accused and makes our league look like a bunch of womanizers. So in response we have forbidden hard hits, tough D, and of course encourage bitch slapping. Therefore we are only going to fine Dick Seymour 25K"

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