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The Steelers have no excuses to make for themselves. They should have remembered how the Patriots played them back in 07. They came in to Pittsburgh and did the same damn thing. What can they really say?
They didn't do the same thing in 07. They were a completely different offense with Moss. Moss opened up alot of short - mid range stuff for Welker, but alot of the offense was going deep to Moss. That was virtually unheard of for the Pats prior to Moss. A deep pass means your QB has to hold the ball a little longer and he's more vulnerable to pressure.

Now they're back to the dink and dunk. I think Cleveland showed a good blueprint to beat that. I would like to see 2 DL, 5 LB, 4 DB, especially against those 2 TE formations the Pats were using. There's no reason to put a guy like Gay in to cover a big TE. If the Pats want to let us use a minimum number of CBs (our biggest weakness on D) I'd say thank you and put in an extra LB or Safety instead. We should be able to generate some pressure with creative pass rushes from 4 men. Put 5 LBs out there, and have everybody moving around, who knows who's coming, and from where? Or who looks like they're coming, but they're actually dropping back into coverage, right where you want to throw your quick pass to get rid of the ball before the guy you didn't see takes your head off? We have the athletes at LB to do it.

That said, Cleveland just unveiled that blueprint the week before we played the Pats. Plus we had a short week. No chance to really implement something that new effectively in just a few days. I had a feeling LeBeau would go with a fairly standard defense in those circumstances, to see how the new Pats dink and dunk compares to the old one. I think we'll see something more creative next time we play them.

But, I do think a large part is drafting better corners. We need guys who can play man to man. You look at teams that have given Brady fits, the Dolphins have done it and they use a 3-4, the Ravens did it last year in the playoffs and they use a 3-4, the Chargers completely shut Brady down this year, and they use a 3-4, and the Jets have been effective against Brady at times and they use a 3-4. Put Revis and Cromartie on the Steelers and I think you see a completely different game this past week.