I'm probably going to be made fun of for saying this, but I did see something positive about last night's loss. I thought from the middle of the 3rd quarter on, the passing game, minus Ward mind you, finally got going. I know people will say that the Steelers were down 23-3 so of course the passing game had to get going. I completely understand that, but this was the first time since Roethlisberger returned that he and the receivers looked like they were on the same page. I know everyone wants the Steelers to be this great running team and I agree that that part of the offense is not up to standard at times, but next Sunday against the Raiders, I would like to see Pittsburgh come out throwing to build a lead and then turn to the running game to keep the lead. I thought Sanders played well in place of Ward last night. Did he make some rookie mistakes? Yeah, but overall I thought he did well. I know this won't happen, but I would like to see Antonio Brown replace Randle El. The drop ARE had in the endzone cannot happen!! Mike Wallace just continues to get better. I know he dropped a touchdown too, but he made up for it. It was kind of funny when he caught that last touchdown pass and was sitting there in the endzone with his hands up like, "Why couldn't we do this all game?" Yes, this was a bad loss, but it happens to every team. I think NE just caught the Steelers at the perfect time; coming off a thrilling Monday night divisional game and right after the Patriots got embarrassed. Am I concerned about the pass defense? Yes, but no more than I was before last night. Looking at the rest of the schedule, I don't see a team that can do what the Patriots did last night. Cincinnati possibly could, but by the time we play them again, Carson Palmer might not be the quarterback and the 2 stooges will be more interested in working out comedy skits for their TV show than trying to win a football game. Don't throw in the towel Steeler Nation!! The 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers will not repeat what happened in 2009!!