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Thread: Mendenhall for MVP??

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    Mendenhall for MVP??


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    haha not even close. He's not even the MVP on our team, which would go to Timmons. Arian Foster is more deserving than any of the RBs these two guys are talking about (5.5 YPC, 864 YDS, 9 TDs plus 315 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD).

    Clay Matthews is definitely the leading candidate for DPOY but I believe he's blown out of proportion. James Harrison has 3.5 less sacks but 3 more forced fumbles and 24 more tackles yet he isn't even in consideration with these two dudes.

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    See above

    He isn't even close to be considered or even would be considered especially in BA's system. What has he done that stands out for MVP nomination. Couple of dorks that are probably Steeler homers.

    Sounds like they came out of "Jason Lafancora's school"
    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
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    Yeah no chance. He hasn't really been all that productive this year.

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    Mendy has been doing very well for us this year, I don't think any Steeler fan has any issues with his performance. Hell, he was nearly our entire offense for the first 4 weeks. Other than that though he won't be anywhere near the top MVP voting for the NFL.

    As far as the team MVP, that one will be up for debate I'm sure. You can make a case for Harrison, Timmons, Pouncey, Wallace, possibly Ben depending on how he plays the rest of the way.

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    Love what Mendy is bringing, I think he is a top 5 back, but not an MVP. Arian Foster is making a big case, but I like Ahmad Bradshaw, him and my "man crush" Antonio Gates would get my vote for offensive MVP before Mendenhall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazedby92 View Post
    See above

    Sounds like they came out of "Jason Lafancora's school"
    haha so true

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