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Thread: If either the Steelers or Ravens...

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    If either the Steelers or Ravens...

    Are going to lose a game before their rematch in about 3 weeks in Baltimore this is the week it most likely will happen for one of them or possibly both of them. The Steelers get the Patriots who are 6-2 and pissed off after losing to the Browns last week and need to win to keep pace with the Jets in the AFC East, and the Ravens get to play at Atlanta tomorrow night against Matt Ryan and the Falcons who is 17-1 lifetime playing at the Georgia Dome since coming into the league in 2008 and very very hard to beat at home. I dont see either the Steelers or the Ravens losing their next 2 games coming up before they meet in Baltimore on December 5th. The Steelers play the Raiders at home next week, then play a winless Bills team in Buffalo, while the Ravens play at Carolina who is a complete and total mess,and then come home to play Tampa Bay who is improved but still will have a very tough time beating the Ratbirds in Baltimore. I will never say never but the way the schedule sets up for both the Steelers and the Ravens the odds are if one of them doesnt lose this week one of them will not lose another game until they meet each other in the rematch Sunday night December 5th in Baltimore. That's why a Ravens loss in Atlanta tomorrow night and a Steelers win here at Heinz Field Sunday night will really put the Steelers in the drivers seat to not only win the AFC North but you can also start looking toward getting that number 1 or 2 seed in the playoffs and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

    If the Steelers do win this weekend and the Ravens lose in Atlanta and let's assume the Steelers win their next 2 against Oakland and Buffalo and the Ravens win their next 2 against Carolina and Tampa the Steelers would be 9-2 going into their game with the Ravens and the Ravens would be 8-3. At that point if the Steelers win that game in Baltimore they would move to 10-2 and move to 3-1 in the AFC North, and the Ravens would drop to 8-4 and be 2-2 in the AFC North. And if you look at the Steelers final 4 games compared to the Ravens final 4 games they are much much easier and not as difficult. They play 3 of their final 4 games at home against the Bengals,Jets,and Carolina before having to play at Cleveland to close out the year, while the Ravens have to play at Houston on a Monday night, come back on a short week right after that and play the Saints at home, then they go to Cleveland who seems to be beating every top team in the NFL and never an easy game for the Ravens, and then finish off the year with the Bengals who always seem to give the Ravens fits.

    The bottom line is I know that's a long way off but if the Steelers can do what I said they needed to do up above win their next 4 and that game in Baltimore and the Ravens lose tomorrow night the Steelers should they go up 2 games in the standings on the Ravens with an easier 4 games left on their schedule to close out the season I dont see the Ravens being able to overcome that enough to catch up and win the North. So while a Ravens loss to the Falcons tomorrow night is not an absolute MUST it can go a long way to helping the Steelers out in the long run to win this division and get the number 1 and 2 seed should they take care of their own business like we all know they can do. Going to be a fun *** 3-4 weeks here I cant wait this is what the football season is all about...
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