Is it just me or is he now entering go-to status on this team?

The speed is no secret to anyone in this league anymore and it's what puts him on the highlight reel just about every week; I'm talking about his overall performance and impact in games.

Not every catch is the cleanest, but I'd have to say he's got above average hands and he's never shown me reason to be concerned with his ability to outright "just catch the ball" (unlike Sweed).

The past couple of weeks the announcers and anyone who pays attention have noticed more than a few of his routes are opening up underneath now and he seems game to go over the middle; which in time will only enhance the dynamic he brings to the game as defenders can now not only lay off and start giving ground at the snap.

I've not heard a single issue of the kid not working hard, never heard him whine for not getting an extra ball or two thrown his way, he seems to know and understand his role. Ben seems to unafraid to look his way in clutch moments which can only build on that confidence.

Last night he BATTLED for the ball, made adjustments on the ball while in the air (that pass by ARE SHOULD have been intercepted but MW just did everything right.

My question to the nation is this, I've been so focused on the OL in the run game I've not really paid attention to his efforts blocking in the run game can anyone provide some insight there?

No disrespect to Harrison whom I saw won a vast majority of the Ironman votes for last night and deservedly so, I just cannot look past what this kid means to the team and how bright his future is.

I'm drinking the kool-aid and my glass is full!