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Thread: Pireira says call was good call. article.

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    Pireira says call was good call. article.

    DAVIE, Fla. -- A former NFL vice president of officiating says the only mistake made by the crew working the Miami Dolphins-Pittsburgh Steelers game was to initially award a touchdown to Ben Roethlisberger on a pivotal play late in the fourth quarter.

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    After that, former league executive Mike Pereira said, the crew handled the situation correctly, despite debate about the subsequent replay review and explanation of the final ruling.

    The ruling proved crucial in Miami's 23-22 loss. A Dolphins player emerged from a pile with the ball, and a replay review determined Roethlisberger's TD was instead a fumble.

    But because the video didn't provide clear evidence as to which team recovered, Pittsburgh kept the ball and kicked the winning field goal.

    You should see the people bitchin about this thread on the baltimore sun lmao.

    In the future please post up a link to the article...thanks, - BRC
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