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Thread: Pireira says call was good call. article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troyisabeast_43 View Post
    Miami also committed a personal foul on two plays before the Ben play where when one of their players threw Heath Miller out of bounds which advanced the ball from the 10 down to the 5 yard line. So that's another thing the Fins fans can look at as well instead of blaming the refs. How about not letting Emmanual Sanders to run the kickoff back to midfield on that same drive, or stopping Mewelde Moore on 3rd and 5 and not letting him pick up 20 plus yards on a little dump off check down pass?? Or how about actually driving down the field on the last drive when you had over 2 minutes left and try to get in FG range to win the game?? Miami failed and failed miserably on each of those plays and that's why they lost not the play in the end zone with Ben. Of course the Miami players and fans will totally overlook all this because it had nothing to do with why they lost it was ALLLL the Ben play in the end zone and nothing that occured before or after that play happened...
    they were discussing that on PTI. It's not like this happened to you in last 10 seconds of the game. You have over 2 minutes. Stop your whining, line up, and drive 50 yards to kick a field goal. Pretty standard operating procedure if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelers4life66 View Post
    They prefer you also post links along with any articles. It's sad when the B sun has nothing to do but worry about us. Get of our nuts already rats. Then again, ya think they might be worried abut us taking the division.
    Baltimore should be more worried about the fact that they almost lost to a winless Bills team at home yesterday and had to do everything they possibly could do to come back and win that game. I wouldnt be worrying about the Steelers Ravens fans if your team barely got by the Bills who have yet to win a game that's not a very good sign for your team...

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    Mike Pereira is right, based on the fact that call was ruled a TD and the whistle had blown, the officials handled it correctly. If 1 official felt it was a TD then he was right to blow the whistle. A situation like this almost never happens, obviously, so I'm sure they'll address it in the future.

    You can't tell Miami fans that, all they think is that it cost them the game...whatever! How bout your first 2 possessions in the red zone where you got 2 FG's, idiots!

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    1. The rule was called correctly as written. It will likely be changed to allow the play to continue even after a TD is ruled. Let the fumble play out. Still no guarantee who recovered that ball.

    2. The Phin Phanatic had an article telling their own fans to suck it up because Miami did not deserve to win that game anyways.

    3. The Rat-turds fans should stop their whining because they were outplayed by the Bills and were lucky that the refs didn't blow that fumble in overtime dead because of forward progress. The Bills were marching and Lindell would likely have ended it.

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    It was the right call.

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    I really can't stand when anyone whines about the refs or makes excuses for anything. Every team gets call their way and against them. There's no conspiracies going on. One of our founding fathers said it well:

    "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." ~Benjamin Franklin
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
    -Wayne Dyer

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    What we have here with all the whining and crying all comes down to that bitter human emotion: envy. The Steelers are a team that has been on top in one way, shape, or form for a long time so the haters will cling to any little kernel in order to try to discredit the Steeler's achievements. The crying and whining is more a reflection on the haters and what they are all about than it is the Steelers. It's as simple as that.

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