Mendy was running hard today, he was busting tackles left and right. The OL was making some nice holes for him all day long despite the injuries to players at various time during the game. However having said that, I think we saw the traditional Bruce Arians "are you f'n kidding me" thought process in getting way too conservative. Multiple occasions we had chances to exploit the vulnerable secondary of Cleveland but yet we don't capitalize on the opportunity.

I know we need to run, and I'm glad to see we were able to continue that today, but seriously here, you've got to let Ben open it up some more and get that ball down field. This team is going to have some issues finding a balance where we let Ben make plays but still use the run that way we need too. Overall, I guess you could say not much has changed. A win is a win, I get that, and nobody is more happy than me today as we go to 4-1 but ya know you still have to scratch you're head and wonder how we'll be going forward.