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Thread: Emmanuel Sanders active against Cleveland

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    Emmanuel Sanders active vs. Cleveland

    Here’s some quick news of the day: Emmanuel Sanders will dress for Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns and Antonio Brown will not. Sanders will return kickoffs. No one professes that Sanders is a better kickoff returner than Brown – Sanders returned punts in college more than kickoffs – but he has looked far better as a receiver and the Steelers need to work him in there if they can. They need more speed at the position. He dressed for the first game and not the past three and Brown returned a kickoff 89 yards for a TD. This won’t be the last we hear from Brown, I suspect, either.
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    I like it! More targets for Ben

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    I agree. Hopefully we don't need a KO return for a TD to win this game.
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    looks like they want to let ben open **** up

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    If you follow his Facebook page, he's definitely excited about the chance to get out on the field. This is what I was hoping would happen; once Ben comes back and we get past the bye, both Brown and Sanders should start seeing some more playing time and slowly but surely edge out ARE for the 3rd WR spot.

    I like Brown on returns, but Sanders needs time out there too. If anything, since our ST is playing pretty decently right now, I would sit Battle out and let both Sanders and Brown get some playing time and see how it goes.

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    Ya its a good move. They deserve some playing time to help develop them. The biggest thing they have to learn is if they are covered initially to scramble around and try to get open. They're not use to a QB that will hold the ball more than 7 secs looking for a play.

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    Hopefully as the season goes on, we wills start to see Sanders as the #3 WR and Brown as the #4 and ARE and Battle can sit the bench. That would be the best thing for the young guys and the Steelers future. It would be sweet to have 3 good young receivers.

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    Go Sanders!

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    Sanders is going 2 be a stud!!!! Give him 2 yrs.

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    Brown should be dressing as well it's ridiculous he is not. His kickoff return in Tennessee single handily changed the entire complexion of that game and if that didnt happen who knows if the Steelers even win that game as bad as the offense looked in that game. Brown has the speed and ability to take one to the house at anytime and he should definitely be dressing over a guy like Arnaz Battle. On the plus side though I am happy that Sanders is dressing and hopefully the Steelers will use him in the 4 wide package and even in some 3 wide receiver packages with Wallace and Hines and maybe take a shot or two down the field with Sanders especially when Ben back in the lineup...

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