I've been a fan of the Steel Curtain boys since i was old enough to play with the original Terry Bradshaw action figures. What sucks is that i live in Northern Virginia now and miss over half the games. This season seems to be the worst so far.
A.) My apartment doesn't face north, so i can't get Direct TV. I have Verizon Fios.
B.) I don't have any friends who are Steelers fans to watch them with.
C.) I don't have the attention span to sit in a bar full of strangers to watch a game, let alone spend money for 4 hours.
D.) Watching NFL Red Zone is like having an ADHD attack and they barely show enough Pittsburgh.

I just don't see why the NFL doesn't have more options for their estranged fans. I would pay $10 to $20 a game if they were offered as pay per view events.

Is there something out there that i'm missing? Anything that's reliable? Please help! Lol.

I know that's not quite an introduction, but hey, i had to ask.

So, yeah, i'm a 34 year old fan who lives in Northern Virginia. I'm also a graphics artist and i may whip up a wallpaper or two for you guys. If anyone wants a sig or avatar, let me know. I'll post some stuff soon.