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Thread: New guy here looking for ways to watch the game

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    New guy here looking for ways to watch the game

    I've been a fan of the Steel Curtain boys since i was old enough to play with the original Terry Bradshaw action figures. What sucks is that i live in Northern Virginia now and miss over half the games. This season seems to be the worst so far.
    A.) My apartment doesn't face north, so i can't get Direct TV. I have Verizon Fios.
    B.) I don't have any friends who are Steelers fans to watch them with.
    C.) I don't have the attention span to sit in a bar full of strangers to watch a game, let alone spend money for 4 hours.
    D.) Watching NFL Red Zone is like having an ADHD attack and they barely show enough Pittsburgh.

    I just don't see why the NFL doesn't have more options for their estranged fans. I would pay $10 to $20 a game if they were offered as pay per view events.

    Is there something out there that i'm missing? Anything that's reliable? Please help! Lol.

    I know that's not quite an introduction, but hey, i had to ask.

    So, yeah, i'm a 34 year old fan who lives in Northern Virginia. I'm also a graphics artist and i may whip up a wallpaper or two for you guys. If anyone wants a sig or avatar, let me know. I'll post some stuff soon.

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    and I know there are some websites out there I am sure someone one here will be able to help you out.

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    The internet is your only option and then it is hit or miss. I generally surf the fan pages of the team we are playing against and see if there are any posts about a live feed. It is usually from another country and half the time they get shut down or are very hard to watch. If you want to create a sig or avatar for me I would appreciate it. Anything with Farrior on it would be sweet! (I am partial to him hitting Peyton)

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    Have a blast

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    Welcome to SA! Your best bet is to locate your nearest Steeler bar and go make some fan friends. You will be amazed how many other folks are in just your position. Make it your Sunday get away. No one says you have to spend a ton of money either. True Steelers fans are not hard to strike up a conversation with. Just throw on a jersey of your favorite Steeler and head out there on an adventure!

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    Have fun and enjoy the site. Glad you found your way home.

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