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Thread: Could Steelers be facing Colt McCoy, JaMarcus Russell or Jeff Garcia on Sunday??

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    Could Steelers be facing Colt McCoy, JaMarcus Russell or Jeff Garcia on Sunday??

    This year has been full of surprises and injuries, but this one would would be strange:

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    Oooh what fun for our Defense!!!

    Thanks Steelers086 for my awesome signature!!!

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    My bet would be Colt Mccoy...
    I would probably rather face Delhomme though

    Jake Delhomme aggravated his ankle injury and now has both a high and low sprain, a source tells beat writer Mark Kay Cabot.

    Delhomme never should have been active for Sunday's game in the first place as his original high ankle sprain clearly wasn't healed. Now the Browns are in a major bind as both Delhomme and Seneca Wallace (ankle) appear out for Week 6. Raw rookie Colt McCoy is the only other option, so they'll head to the street for a free agent. Jeff Garcia knows Browns GM Tom Heckert from their time together in Philadelphia.
    Source: Mark Kay Cabot on Twitter

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    And their fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post
    Oooh what fun for our Defense!!!
    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
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    Seriously think Garcia wants to come in with a few days prep to face this defense? hell no, it'll be McCoy / Cribbs....

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    This should be fun

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    I bet they start McCoy but have a lot of plays for Cribbs (unless Jake's ankle is better by then)

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    McCoy could get start for clowns

    Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy reportedly could start for Cleveland. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Browns signed Brett Ratliff, who was told he's the backup for McCoy in Sunday's rivalry game against the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1). Ratliff was on the Browns' roster last season.


    This was not in the plans for Browns president Mike Holmgren and head coach Eric Mangini, who didn't provide specifics on the quarterback situation Monday. Both have said they expect the third-round pick to sit at least one year to learn from the sidelines. But very little has gone according to plan for the struggling Browns (1-4), and now McCoy looks to get the nod just six weeks into the season after veterans Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace suffered ankle injuries.

    If McCoy is viewed as the future of the Browns, they must be very careful about the long-term impact of this decision. Throwing McCoy out there at Heinz Field against Dick LeBeau's defense is a recipe for disaster. In fact, it's the last defense I would pick a rookie quarterback to face in his first NFL start, especially against a hungry Steelers' defense coming off a bye week.

    Expect the sharks for Pittsburgh -- James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, Troy Polamalu, Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith, James Farrior, Lawrence Timmons, etc. -- to be out in full force Sunday. I'm sure a wide-eyed McCoy is excited for the opportunity, but in reality he's just fresh meat.

    I said in training camp that if McCoy starts, that's a sign Cleveland's 2010 season is over. I picked the Browns to finish last in the AFC North this year, but this ship is sinking faster than expected.

    Our defense loves Fresh MEAT...

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    While the Steelers should have no problem absolutely destroying Colt McCoy in his first NFL start stranger things have happened fellas so nothing is a sure thing. A guy named Max Hall started for Arizona yesterday and they ended up beating the Saints when nobody and their mother thought they would. I did watch McCoy in pre-season and he looked terrible for the Browns and completely not ready to play. The Steelers should have no problem teeing off on McCoy. With that being said, in no way shape or form should Jeff Reed or Sepulveda kick the ball in Josh Cribbs direction. Because that is the only chance the Browns have of putting any points on the board in this game. Tomlin has really acted stupid in previous games with the Browns since he has coached the Steelers and kicked the ball to Cribbs when the Browns had no other weapons on offense other then him on kickoff or punt returns. Note to Coach Tomlin DO NOT KICK THE BALL TO JOSH CRIBBS...Colt McCoy will not score points on your defense especially with no Peyton Hillis healthy as well. Cribbs always seem to run at least one or two back a season against the Steelers and Im guaranteeing if the Steelers kick the ball to him again enough times on Sunday it's probably going to happen again. Cribbs always finds a way to burn the Steelers it seems time and time again, and he is the only player that can keep the Browns in this game and give them any kind of chance...
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