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Thread: Loss to Cleveland in '09 still fresh

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    At this point it looks as if there is no way that either Wallace or Delhomme will start this week for the Browns. Both have high ankle sprains and there is no way that if either one does play they are going to be effective enough to beat a very pissed off Steelers defense that has had 2 weeks to prepare. They could sign Garcia or Russell but no matter who they start whether it's one of them or Colt McCoy there the Steelers defense should be able to have a field day against them. If McCoy does start Lebeau is going to be licking his chops at week and will confuse the hell out of him...

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    Hillis is hurt, too.

    I guess the wild cat will be a big part of their game next week. Cribbs may be their best QB and RB next week.

    If nobody on Steeler D let's down, this one could get ugly. On O, let Ben hand it off a bunch and wear down the D til they give up yards in chunks. I don't see clowns O as a threat next week, so play good D and special teams and go get a win.

    Division game aside, this is the easiest game so far this year.

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    La la la. Loss to Cleveland in '09? What? Hm..don't recall.

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    We will beat the dog snot out of the Browns. And officially put them in "next year" mode.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Root4Stlrs View Post
    I just hope special teams does play special this week-end. Before Cribbs there was another player whose name I'm blocking on who ran back kick-offs against the Steelers.
    You're probably thinking of Eric Metcalf.
    He killed us back in the day.

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