Ok..so I"m reading posts this morning and it's a bit disheartening. We surpassed everyones expectations...passed them! Critics didn't give us any better than 2-2 and we are 3-1!!!! Yes we could have been 4-0 and that would have been even better but I can't tell you how upsetting it is that everyone is pointing the finger of blame for yesterdays game...Yep me too in Jeff Reed BUT it's not right. We Steelers fans are very spoiled and expect wins...yes me too BUT we have not had our franchise QB for 4 wks and look how this team has come together...look at this Offensive line...look at the Defense....looks at our special teams...our punting.....our Charlie Batch!!!

I understand we lost to the Ravens and yes that does hurt BUT they barely beat us with our 4th string QB....helloooo!

I am SO incredibly proud of the Steelers right now that yesterdays game is NOT going to let that ruin what accomplishment our boys have done!! No one else has been able to shut down Chris Johnson but our D...our special teams is incredible this year...our Offensive line gave Charlie Batch time to throw the ball and score when critics said we would have no offense!!!

It's great to have such high expectations of course but for the Love of God lets hear some positive reinforcement for this team that has already overcome the odds!!!