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Thread: Attention spoiled Steelers fans!!!!!

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    I'm a soiled fan! Damn last play made me sh** my pants!

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    yes, like most Steeler fans i'd love to win every game, but there's a reason only one team has ever finished a season undefeated (including the playoffs). it's extremely exciting to think that this team just went 3-1 without Ben and with a quarterback who wasn't even supposed to be on the roster right now and their only loss was by 4 points. i can't stand Baltimore either, but i'd much rather them gloat about winning against the Steelers now because when Pittsburgh beats them on Dec. 3 on their field, it'll be that much sweeter!!

    i always feel sorry for the Browns because well, they're the Browns, but now they have to go against a Steelers team with their starting QB back and who's looking to dish out some punishment for losing yesterday. oh the humanity!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roosterray View Post
    I love being 3-1. Just disappointed the 1 loss came to the RAVENS
    I disappointed in how we lost.

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    I'm thrilled to be 3-1 without Big Ben but stating the Steelers dropped the ball yesterday isn't being spoiled......They had the came won and let the Ravens off the hook......Losing conference games and more importantly division games is huge..........The game in Baltimore against the Ravens is a must win now if both the Steelers and Ravens keep winning.........

    The defense blew it but its hard to be critical of them considering the offense had many chance to put the Ravens away earlier in the game.......I'm not to upset with loss but I was really excited with a minute left in the game and thinking the Steelers did the impossible with winning their first four games without Ben......Then to be let down....Just a huge swing of emotions in the

    I'm over the loss now and this team played damn well to be 3-1.....I just hope they respond after a loss now....At least they have the bye to let this loss sink in and get Ben back into the flow of the offense.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post I"m reading posts this morning and it's a bit disheartening. We surpassed everyones expectations...passed them! Critics didn't give us any better than 2-2 and we are 3-1!!!! Yes we could have been 4-0 and that would have been even better but I can't tell you how upsetting it is that everyone is pointing the finger of blame for yesterdays game...Yep me too in Jeff Reed BUT it's not right. We Steelers fans are very spoiled and expect wins...yes me too BUT we have not had our franchise QB for 4 wks and look how this team has come together...look at this Offensive line...look at the Defense....looks at our special teams...our punting.....our Charlie Batch!!!

    I understand we lost to the Ravens and yes that does hurt BUT they barely beat us with our 4th string QB....helloooo!

    I am SO incredibly proud of the Steelers right now that yesterdays game is NOT going to let that ruin what accomplishment our boys have done!! No one else has been able to shut down Chris Johnson but our D...our special teams is incredible this year...our Offensive line gave Charlie Batch time to throw the ball and score when critics said we would have no offense!!!

    It's great to have such high expectations of course but for the Love of God lets hear some positive reinforcement for this team that has already overcome the odds!!!

    Well said sis and i agree

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