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Thread: What should the Steelers do about corner next year!

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    What should the Steelers do about corner next year!

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought,about what we should do at corner next year??With William Gay either resign him, or just let him leave.But than should we Draft a corner or sign one.If we draft one who would you guys like to see?I looked at the free agents for next year. Champ Bailey,Usama Young,Brandon Carr,Carlos Rogers,Tramon Williams,Ellis Hobbs, just to name a few should we go after any of those...or just draft a young one??!!!

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    Just find someone who can kick serious ***.

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    the last dback we picked in the first round was Polamalu.I truely think next year we might get a corner first round.But you know the stillers they like to pick up the best available player.They always believed they can get a dback in the later rounds.

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    I think they need to go after one good DL, rest be CB's and OL
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    We are winning there is nothing wrong with our cornerbacks!


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    We will pick late again. We don't trade up or down much. We do take the best player and we have needs on both lines. Peterson and Amukamara will be gone before we pick. Would we have a shot at these guys and what will the board look like at that point?

    CB Janoris Jenkins, 5' 11" 189 lbs. Florida (JR)

    CB Brandon Burton, 6' 1" 190 lbs. Utah

    CB Ras-I Dowling 6' 2" 200 lbs. Virginia

    I remember last year many of us were salavating for Earl Thomas. Pouncey turned out to be a monster pick. I just want our first pick to come in and contribute like Pouncey. I could live with a DB though because our secondary needs to be upgraded. My guess right now is that it won't be, but things will start to heat up in here soon with all kinds of speculation.

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    I really really believe that Ras-I Dowling is going to translate into a FS in NFL.
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    Realisticly... we wont draft a CB or DB untill Day 3 *rolls eyes*
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    Its always dangerous with the DB's for LeBeau, he doesnt like to play them as rookies or first year guys, that is why we went back to McFadden. Hopefully Butler lives up to promise that he showed and Lewis can move to safety. Then I think we stick to Gay, McFadden, Taylor and Butler as our CB's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelJunkie View Post

    We are winning there is nothing wrong with our cornerbacks!

    baghdad bob kicks ***...great photo

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