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Thread: Ravens will test Pouncey

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    Ravens will test Pouncey

    Nothing has fazed Maurkice Pouncey during his remarkable ascent so the rookie center doesn’t figure to blink, as Mike Tomlin would put it, when he experiences his first Ravens-Steelers game.

    Pouncey will spend much of Sunday lined up against Kelly Gregg or Haloti Ngata as he plays against a 3-4 defense for the first time in the regular season.

    And the best defense, at least statistically, in the NFL.

    “This guy has a tall challenge this week,” Tomlin said of Pouncey. “He’s doing an extraordinary job as a rookie but we don’t grade on a curve.”

    Translation: Pouncey’s inexperience won’t be an excuse if he struggles with Gregg or Ngata, whom Tomlin said is “as dominant a defensive lineman as there is in football right now.”

    Pouncey has been up to every challenge Tomlin has given him in becoming the first rookie position player to start during the fourth-year coach’s tenure.

    Now comes the biggest one, almost literally, of his young career.

    The 6-4, 350-pound Ngata has a unique blend of size and athleticism, and he plays everywhere along the defensive line. Gregg, Tomlin said, will be no bargain either when the 6-foot, 320-pounder is lined up over center.

    Pouncey has looked like the next great center in the long line of them that have played for the Steelers. Sunday will provide a pretty good gauge of just where the 6-4, 304-pounder is as the Ravens will try to confuse Pouncey with different looks and overwhelm him with brute strength.

    As Tomlin said, “He’s going to be introduced to the Ravens-Steelers rivalry pretty quickly, I’m sure.”
    Pouncey has looked damn near flawless since starting at center and this will be the rookies biggest game so far IMO, but I think Ngata and Gregg prefer big heavy centers, it's the quicker ones that give them the most trouble. Pouncey should be alright
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    This will be a huge test for Pouncey, IMO. The ratbirds will bring the pass rush and they will throw everything they can at our OL to try and find a weakness to exploit. The best way to beat that is to run, run, run, and when you do pass get the ball out quickly.

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    Let's just hope it doesn't result like Mendenhalls fist game against them....
    "It is hard to wait around for something that you know may never happen;but it's even harder to let go when it's everything you want"

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    Short lived when they figure out he can't be thrown off...

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    Put Pouncey up against our front 7 in practice all week at game speed (or as close as you can get). If he can survive that, then he can handle anything.

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    i think Pouncey will be just fine. Dude has been a stud from the get-go.

    He will be a Pro Bowler for years to come IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    thats what i was gonna say

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    MP will be tested more physically this week than the 3 previous games, but also more mentally as well. The Ravens will throw all kinds of looks at him so getting the right line calls will be huge. Going up against our D everyday should help though!
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    Pouncey will hold his own, he might not win all of em but i bet u he win his share and when we play em again he will be better because of this first experience going against the Rats...

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