Hello there, Steeler Addicts. I'm looking to become active around these parts. First I'll introduce myself. I'm a 20 year old, born and raised in suburban Pittsburgh, a lifelong diehard Pittsburgh sports fan. I'm the kind of fan that will probably someday end up in a fistfight with someone who mentions the name Neil O'Donnell.

I'm a lover of all the physical aspects of sports, I see from a defensive perspective, as is Pittsburgh style. I love the Pirates as much as the Steelers, despite the fact that they haven't had a winning season since I could talk.

Anyone who is interested in some good old Steeler talk, you can talk to me on AIM, as I'm always looking for more people who share my interests and talk about how badly the Steelers are going to beat the -insert team here-

Well, I look forward to being part of this community, but I should definitely get some sleep.

That'll be all for now. I may also think about doing some writing for the site. Not sure yet, though.