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Thread: 2 and 0 with no quarterback

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    2 and 0 with no quarterback

    what to make of this? it's like a fairy tale. hope the boogyman don't show up. will have to look at other team stats to weigh this against them. one thing is for sure. cynsanasty and balletmore, not good so far.

    i gotta go for a walk. need to keep the heart in shape for the rest of the season.

    And their fans.

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    We will confuse The Bucs QB also all game next week we will be 3-0...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXBURGH View Post
    We will confuse The Bucs QB also all game next week we will be 3-0...
    Agreed. I am not taking this 2-0 start for granted however. Right now, we mmay not have a serviceable QB or offensive line for next week which does not worry nearly as much as it does in week 4. With that said, I think few people thought we'd be 2-0 right now.
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    first in the division cant complain

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    Playing with House Money now....just hoping for another W next week and then week 4 is what it is....just stay healthy!!!

    Ps. Batch threw a nice ball today with NO WORK with the number 1s

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    let's not forget that the steelers have been known to play down to their competition as if anyone could forget the cheifs,raiders or browns games last year...but i don't forsee this happening this year the defense looks mighty mighty good...they are definetly playing with a chip on their shoulders,having smith and polamalu not to mention mcfadden back is obviously making the difference between last years team and this years team...tampa is 2-0 lets not forget but i don't think it was against stiff competition...tampa will not like what they will get this coming week,perhaps this is the hell that tomlin was talking about last year,oh well better late than never... GO STEELERS

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    I am so proud to be a Steelers Fan!!! No one gives us a chance today and our Defense refused to lose. What about special teams too. We need to replace El on punt returns but life is good. What ever happens the next two weeks, I am proud of our Steelers.

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    I think it's a pretty positive thing that the Steelers beat two good teams without much threat of an offense. The defense looks great, the special teams look much improved, and Mendenhall is moving the ball even though he's the focus of opposing defenses. When Ben comes back there should be even more room for Mendenhall to run, and the passing game will be back. The OL still needs a ton of improvement in pass protection though.

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    I'm excited that we're doing so well without Ben. His head grew too big, hopefully this will show him that he's not the end-all, be-all key to winning. If we end up going 4-0 without him, maybe it'll be a reality check for him. Maybe I'm the minority here, but I want our players to be more morally grounded (Bettis, Ward, ect.) than Ben has proven to be.

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    tampa bay will be a test in the sense that they aren't very good (2-0 but beat browns and panthers). Lets see if we can bury a weak team

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