I am amazed, like absolutely amazed how many Steeler fans there are...Yesterday I had an exam at 9 am and then from 11-5 did some running around.... First on the list was the bank, Had twooooo people say "Go Steelers" and one was the teller (remember I am in Philly) and she wanted to have a 15 min convo on why Batch should start over Dixon **I like Dixon***, next i had to go to the store and get some food, Shopright. I had 1 "Go Steeler" one " Ben should be kicked out" and 2 " Wow Ziggy Hood!!"...then i went to get my car washed...the spanish guy that dry's the was a steeler fan, then went to get starbucks and had a good 5 min convo with a person about how Dixon will become a Slash like QB. Then i went home and it hit me, No matter where you go there are Steeler fans. It gets better. Then went out to eat to celebrate that our exam is over and i switched to the Ward jersey and i had 3 people say something positive and how they are Steeler fans to me, To end the night we went to a "Gentleman's Club" and 2 of the Dancers came over and spent like 30 min with us talking football (def an awesome time) I just have to say I am amazed how many Steeler Fans are apart of Steeler Nation....and remember this is alllll in Philly.