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Thread: Steeler Nation

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    Its true, im from England, and i see Steelers jerseys quite allot.

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    I was in the bathroom in Rehobooth Beach this summer. I was standing and doing my business when I heard two guys with kids strike up a conversation. Their talk immediately went to football. I heard one guy lightheartedly say "Don't get too close to that guy, he is a Steelers fan." I heard the other guy say "yeah kids, you don't want any of that success to rub off." I chuckled. I immediately finished and went to check these guys out.

    By the time I got out to the sink areas the other guy who made the first comment had already made his way out with his kids. As I got closer, I noticed a guy with a Steelers tattoo on his arm. We looked at each other and as we made eye contact he saw my Steelers shirt. We both grinned and I gave him a friendly nod. Good stuff.

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