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Thread: my money is not on the ravens for winning the super bowl

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    my money is not on the ravens for winning the super bowl

    where is all this hype for the ravens winning the super bowl? Let' see the ravens playoff success in the last 8 years. in 2002 baltimore lost a divisional game against the steelers.
    Then 2004 ravens didn't even make it outta the wild card being beat by the titans. 2007 they lose to the colts in the wild card. next play off apperance is not till 2009 when they beat a miami team that was lucky to get in the wild card. Then the divisional game tennessee, then we all know what happend in the AFC championship game that year - 3picks for Flacco against our D" Then last years wild card game the ripped the hell outta the patriots and then got destroyed by the colts in the afc championship game.

    Now let's look at the steelers since 2002
    2007 we lose to the jags
    2008-2009 we win the super bowl
    • Feb. 5, 2006 - Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 - Super Bowl

    • Jan. 22, 2006 - Pittsburgh 34, Denver 17 - AFC Championship

    • Jan. 15, 2006 - Pittsburgh 21, Indianapolis 18 - AFC Divisional

    • Jan. 8, 2006 - Pittsburgh 31, Cincinatti 17 - AFC Wild Card

    • Jan. 23, 2005 - New England 41, Pittsburgh 27 - AFC Championship

    • Jan. 15, 2005 - Pittsburgh 20, N.Y. Jets 17 (OT) - AFC Divisional

    • Jan. 11, 2003 - Tennessee 34, Pittsburgh 31 (OT) - AFC Divisional

    • Jan.5, 2003 - Pittsburgh 36, Cleveland 33 - AFC Wild Card

    • Jan. 27, 2002 - New England 24, Pittsburgh 17 - AFC Championship

    • Jan. 20, 2002 - Pittsburgh 27, Baltimore 10 - AFC Divisional

    so as an odd's maker wouldn't you put your money on the experience of the steelers even without ben for the first 4 games than a ravens team that hasn't proved it can win the big game since early early decade?

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    Super Bowl Bet

    I definitely would, but I'm not an unbiased person. I don't understand why everyone is picking the Ratbirds either? All they've done is add a couple of aging wide receivers to their roster. Why are all the talking heads so enamored with Baltiless?

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    Eh, the Ravens winning the superbowl is like the Caps winning the cup. Sure they'll probably be good during the regular season, but can they make it to the ship..I don't know.

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