I do not think i have ever been so in love with a class of rejects before

Owen Schmitt FB

The man is a psycho, he actually tries kill LBs in game. One time he smashed his helmet on his head just being fired up and was a bloody mess....im sorry but thats someone i would want to play football for my team.

Jarron Gilbert

Schematically limited to a 34 imo, he had no business as an UT in a 43 for the bears....he was a better 34end prospect than hood imo, hes got insane athleticism.....hes the one that has the unreal youtube videos jumping out of a pool and squatting and deadlifting unreal amounts of weight.

Al Woods

For some reason i have a soft spot for LSU linemen, he was overshadowed during his tenure at LSU by some big time talent and didnt really fit their scheme because they used more speed than a true NT. Hes another unreal athlete, never lived up to the hype out of high school (5 star recruit) but was playing with guys like Glenn Dorsey (5 overall), Tyson Jackson (3rd overall(, RJF who went undrafted but was a one time potential first rounder. For a 350 pound man hes such a great athlete....would start as nose but has Ngata like potential at end down the road

thoughts or other rejects you guys might like?