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Thread: Revis and Jets finally make a deal

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    Revis and Jets finally make a deal

    Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets agreed to a new contract Sunday night, ending the All-Pro cornerback's holdout one week before the season opener.

    The team announced the agreement in principle early Monday morning, but they didn't release contract terms. However, The New York Daily News cited a league source in reporting that Revis received a seven-year deal that can be voided to a four-year, $46 million pact with $32 million guaranteed.

    Revis was flying from his home in South Florida to New Jersey on Monday, and meeting with the team, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.

    The contract could be signed as early as Monday, getting Revis back on the field in time for the opener next Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens at home.

    Revis, who didn't make public statements about the negotiations since minicamp in June, used his Twitter account to thank his family and agents, Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod.

    "To my family, neil, & john I love u guys I'm comin home baby!!!" Revis wrote. "Revis Island LET'S GO."
    1 week before the opener, 32 mil guarenteed. top players always get what they want lol
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    I figured they would get a deal done. Revis is too good of a CB not to have him in.

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    rex ryan is buying silver polish for the lombardi this morning...i hope their season comes crashing down in flames...sanchez is mediocre at best and they act like he is the second coming of joe willy namath...Attention New York this is the N.F.L not M.L.B you cannot buy championships like you do in baseball just ask the redskins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Trap86 View Post
    1 week before the opener, 32 mil guarenteed. top players always get what they want lol
    you watch. with the luck the jets have had for the last 42 years, he'll get injured on opening night, either season ending or an injury that affects his performance all year long. most of the older jet fans who have suffered for 42 years believe something like that will happen

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    If the Jets knew they would sign him, then why wait so long? All they did was hurt themselves by not having the guy in practice. So stupid...
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