Trying to get a little insight on how steeler addicts feel about this season. We all know we are not going to go undfeated so let's lay it out and predict on who we win and who we lose to.
Atlanta- prediction- W- score i think will be like 28-14
Tennessee-prediction -W-predicted score: 21-7
Tampa Bay-Prediction-W- 35-17
Baltimore -L- 17-14
Cleveland -W- 21-3
Miami- W- 28-7
New Orleans-L- 35-24
Cincy-W- 30-21
New England -W- 28-24
Oakland -W- 38-17
Bills -W- 31-13
Ravens -W- 13-3
Cincy -W- 21-14
NY Jets -W- 17-14
Panthers-W- 35-28
Cleveland-W- 42-14

my predictions agree or dissagree,

--- Added 9/4/2010 at 01:24 AM ---

I know i only have two losses on here and that is being optmistic but looking at the schedule and saints, patriots, ravens and jets will be our biggest roadblocks. I don't see us being swept by the the ravens and I really don't think the bengals can do anything against our d when healthy. I have some close games on here that i think will be but i think ben or our d could squeeze those ones out. like the pats i think we can beat them in a close game. and i think it will be same with both ravens games will be decided in the fourth. I actually anticipate the Jets game to go into overtime and steelers winning it on a jeff reed field goal.