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Thread: Honest predictions for W-L for the season

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    I'm going with 10-6 on the season finishing 2nd in the division behind the Bengals.

    We pick up a #6 seed in the playoffs.
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    11-5 would make me happy.

    Jets will be lucky to make it to 8-8. Sanchez=Leinert.

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    3-13 tied w/ the Browns! lol

    I never predict games, so I'll say I think we'll be above what I said there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City South View Post
    I'm going with 10-6 on the season finishing 2nd in the division behind the Bengals.

    We pick up a #6 seed in the playoffs.
    I think this is pretty accurate, although I'll go a little different and say 11-5 and tie for the division with the Ratbirds.
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    12-4 If we stay healthy...

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    10-11 wins at best but if everything goes right..........If the team stays rather healthy I think this team will be a force in the AFC titles.....

    But if the Steelers get off to a rough start without Ben and things go bad when he returns then I say 7-8 wins......

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    Assistant Coach nuclearchihuahuas's Avatar
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    I think 11-5 is possible but I suspect 10 and 6 is our future

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    I'm not nearly as optimistic about this season as most of you guys, hope they prove me wrong.

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    Well i was looking also at strength of the opponents and yea cincy could give us problems, i just don't see it two years in a row. we could split games with cincy and ravens but i don't see the brownies splitting it unless we are at a position where we are resting the starters. Cincy I think will have another down year like the one before last year. I think that T.O. and Johnson ( i will always call that dumb@@@ that) will have some kinda of disgruntled crap and cost the team. Problly some stupid argument like who's TD celebrations was better... then TO saying palmers not throwing the ball to him enough and then yea.. we have the first game mid season so there is alot of time for them to stir something up. like i said other than the (rest) games the only teams i worry about is jets, saints, ravens, and the cheating patriots. I think we will pull out the close games against jets and pats (speccially if jets are without Revis island) I really don't see us getting swept but the central and we would have to have a major catastrophe to lose to the falcons and the bucs. We have a pretty easy schedule and as long as we play steeler football 2 or 3 losses shouldn't be that hard remember we did have a 15-1 record when no one predicted it.

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    11-5. we go at least 2-2 without ben. Troy and aaron back are big, that helps the run D, pass D, and blitz packages. Without ben just pound the rock with mendenhall. The ravens knew we were going to run when dixon faced them last year and they still couldnt stop mendenhall. Let batch/dixon manage and dont turn the ball over. then when ben comes back our offense will be unstoppable with ben passing and mendy running

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