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Thread: First game thoughts

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    First game thoughts

    I don't want to be as ambitious as others and try and figure out the whole season. But, I am interested in game 1. I think Atlanta is a decent team. If Ben was playing, I would pick us to win easily. I think our D will suff Atlanta much of the way, but I am wondering where our offense will come from (run/pass). Some of this likely depends on who starts (QB), too.

    I think the line on this game shows it is expected to be a close game and may come down to turnovers, mistakes/blown coverage, etc.

    Thoughts on the game/matchup????

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    Honestly, even with Ben playing Atlanta would not be an easy win. They are tougher than most expect them to be.
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    But Atlanta has flaws just like every team in the NFL.....They missed the play-offs as well last year and the next Peyton Manning (Matt Ryan) really took a step back............There is a few things in the Steelers favor despite Ben being on suspension.....The game is in Pittsburgh and its the first game of the season......I think the defense in particular will be extra pumped up and motivated after being embarrassed in their eyes after last years 4th quarter melt downs......

    I think it will be a close game for sure but I think the Steelers win this game........I think the running game and defense will carry the load of course.....All we need from the special teams is no long returns to help the Falcons offense out........Whoever starts at QB will be asked to just manage the game.......I could see 20 attempts or fewer in this first game......

    I don't see the Falcons running game doing much against the Steelers defense........I don't know what to think of Matt Ryan just yet.....After his impressive rookie year most NFL talking heads labeled him the next Peyton Manning but I really wasn't impressed with Ryan last year.....I'm not seeing he is bum by no means but I'm not seeing the next Manning from The Steelers need to limit Roddy White since the Falcons passing flows through him really......If he has a big day against the Steelers then the game could go badly for the Steelers......

    My pick for the game.......



    Mendenhall goes over 100 yards and scores a TD.....I think the defense add a TD of their own.....

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    Defense carries us. We make more plays in the fourth quarter Than them, winning us the game.

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    This team played well for 25 years without a QB, so I dont see this game being that much of an issue. Comes down to smart football, and if the Steelers are smart, then they win. Steelers 23 Falcons 13.
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    We will be 3-1 by the time Ben returns...

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    falcons are good. matt ryan is a stud and they have michael turner and a decent D. Woudlnt be surprised if we lost

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    Atlanta is overrated! "MATTY ICE" will not be able to handle the pressure!

    We win BIG!!!

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    The D needs to win this game! C'mon guys get this one for us...offensively we are in deep doo doo

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    I think it'll be close, might even go into overtime.

    Atlanta has a good offense but IMO Pittsburgh has a better defense. As long as the Steelers win the turnover & time of possession battles and execute in the redzone, whether it be with TD's of FG's, they'll be in good shape.

    Whoever wins, I doubt they'll score more than 3 TD's/21 points. It'll be very close, but I think Pittsburgh can eek it out (17-14, 20-16, 21-20, something along those lines).

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