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Thread: Batch, Dixon, Leftwich...You make the call after tonights game

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    Quote Originally Posted by No l Gravity l View Post
    Funny how 100 percent of the Steeler fans say Leftwich should be the bonafide starter now.
    Given a CHANCE Bub not start ..."chance to start"
    Nothing wrong with a guy we drafted to be the future a chance to start and show his worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelcitysfinestXL View Post
    So... because one guy (Lefty) couldnt move the ball with the scrubs like he did with the starters... you're sayin start the guy (Dixon) who turned the ball over with the starters repeatedly (should have been atleast one more pick too) because he played great against the scrubs!?!? Im a Dixon fan and i now feel DUMBER for reading that post!
    not sure.. but i have this vision of Ben throwing up a lame duck INT down the sidline last week...

    how many INT's did ben throw last year? in the redzone endzone? in SB XL?

    Seriously, let dixon play and get some real game time in.. this is all crap already..
    lefty had his shot in tampa last year... 0-3.. Derek Anderson would be better.

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    Our 10th string OC didn't help Dixons chance either fellas! Kinda like setting the young man up to fail with that worthless *** play calling!

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    Well, Dixon got his opportunity to play with the starters and he didn't cut the mustered. But it doesn't mean his totally out the mix. I could see using him in select packages. I think that Leftwhich needs to sart at this point with Dixon as a change of pace to keep the defense guessing.

    I'd love to have Batch in the mix but I don't think he's had enough snaps. I always felt that Batch was a better option then Leftwhich but management doesn't see it that way.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Lefty gets the starting position with Dix coming in for special packages.

    I'm calling it now. . .Steelers beat the Falcons on toss reverse to Randle El who throws a bomb to Ward (Vintage Superbowl XL) to put the Steelers ahead for good.

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    Looks like Lefty couldn't even survive to the 1st game massacre. Regardless, plan remains in effect.

    Again, can Redman toss the rock?

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