I was reading the espn AFC north blog today and several memebers of steeler nation want dixon to start the first 4 to 6 games. (me included..lol as we all know by now)
But the steelers have only let dixon play against 2nd and 3rd stringers and dixon looked remarkable for the amout of time given. (remember the 4th quarter of the giants game they just ran the ball to work the clock so it did not give dennis the actual opprotunites to make plays). So my question is with what dixon has done so far what does dixon have to to to get a quarter or two with the 1st team in? He has already shown that he can create play's and produce. and even with limited play calling in the ravens game last year he was still productive. And you just can't say interceptions or consistent accuracy is the basis for the decison. Look at super ben he is accuate when he has to be but the other part of the time he is either high or short or behind recivers or what not. A lot of recievers have to come back for bens passes but i will give it to ben when he needs to make a throw he gets it in there. (which makes me wonder why he can't do it all the time). Every QB is going be off sometimes. Dixon has made great strides on his accuracy
and they have not really let dixon let loose with a bomb this season so that is arians fault not dixons. I know dixon can throw deep i've seen it personally when he was at oregon. And i know pro's passing windows are tighter than college. But still just becuase the window's are tighter does not make the arm that less powerful.