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Thread: Overall thoughts on Giants game

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    Overall thoughts on Giants game

    Dixon looking sharp tonight in a big way, leading 2 scoring drives and going 7-8 for 82 yards. He took a broken play and made a nice gainer on the ground as well. He's definitely putting up the solid numbers and is showing he's got the potential to be a solid contributor for this team. I want to see him do it though against more veteran players though, hopefully he gets that chance next week to play in the first half.

    Leftwich hooks up with Wallace for the long TD and showed a lot of poise in the pocket.

    Will Batch get any snaps this preseason at all other than the handful from last week?

    Rookie WR's Sanders and Brown both made some great plays tonight and should have no trouble making solid contributions for this team in 2010.

    The running game was an emphasis tonight with all the backs getting some significant snaps. 3rd and short is still an issue for this team, I think we only converted 2 3rd and shorts tonight, the last one being enough to salt the game away in the 4th quarter.

    The backup secondary was hitting hard and making some plays, much more so than the starters tonight.

    Ben was 6-8 tonight, looking like vintage Ben buying time when needed and making some nice plays. There were some boos when he came on the field, but we were on the road so it's to be expected. He did have the INT, which was underthrown and hung up way too long so it was an easy pick for the Giants.

    Run defense was pretty decent in the 1st half, came alittle unraveled at times in the 2nd half. The pass defense in the first half overall with the backups was solid, the second half was spotty but they hung in there.
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