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Thread: Ben's safety valve in Miller still alive and well

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    Ben's safety valve in Miller still alive and well

    We noticed last night on Ben's series that both he and Heath Miller are still as potent as ever and picking up right where they left off and making plays that move the chains. This guys could get 10 catches a game and it still wouldn't be enough; if there was ever a player that needed to be included in the offense as much as possible it's him.

    I remember back when we drafted him and I initially thought, wow really another TE? But man he has delivered year after year without question or what. Teams know we throw to him across the middle or down the sidelines and they still can't stop him.

    He is as deserving of a pro bowl bid as any TE in the league, but being in the same company as guys like Gates and Dallas Clark it will always be an uphill battle. I wouldn't want anybody playing TE for us but Heath, that's for sure.

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    have to give props where props is due...He does have amazing hands and the best part is that he can block, not to often you get a TE with hands and can lay some good blocks,

    This year i feel the two tight end set is gonna be key for us. Helps the run as well

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    I'm all for this... especially in the red zone. Miller is the Steeler I drafted for my FF league...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler View Post
    I'm all for this... especially in the red zone. Miller is the Steeler I drafted for my FF league...
    I got him in my league also!!!

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    His rookie year, playoff game against Indy (yes, the immaculate redemption)
    the game started with Ben passing and his targets:
    Miller & Hines
    He started to show how valuable he is and will be!!!
    only trade him for T gonzalez (in his prime) and that still is an iffy decision...
    Just a plain stud!!!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    I agree he has the talent but where he lags against the "big names" imo is in getting yards after the catch. Not much speed or elusiveness going on there.

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