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Thread: Steelers' Prediction and Playoff Forecast

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    Steelers' Prediction and Playoff Forecast

    Once again, the 'disclaimer...' My NFL predictions are not for any purpose other than the reader’s entertainment. Using my picks to gain any form of insight into potential gambling revenue is at the reader’s risk. Although a small donation my way would be nice should you be successful…..

    For those of you that viewed my AFC picks, you'll know I have The Steelers finishing 11-5 and in a tie with Baltimore atop the AFC North. I'm giving the Ravens the nod only because I think we will blow one to the Bengals at home thus giving Baltimore a better division record. Anyway, these are my game-by game thoughts for the Steelers. Please note, I can't do anything about more suspensions, injuries, trades, etc. These are based strictly on what I see now.

    Wk 1 ATL-LOSS
    For whatever reason I see a tight game going the way of the Falcons because Tomlin will be too stubborn and will start Leftwich who will not produce enough offense.
    Wk 2 @ TEN-WIN
    I see Dixon being the starter and he will energize the offense. Tennessee's defense is not what it once was.
    Wk 3 TB-WINBucs have too many holes and are too young or old at key spots.
    Wk 4 BALT-WIN
    A lot of people see this as a loss for us because of no Ben, but I see a confident DD stepping up to make plays and our D doing enough to contain Ray Rice.
    Wk 5 BYE
    Wk 6 CLEV-WIN
    Rested and ready (and hopefully with BR), the Steelers will plow through the Browns wanting to re-establish their dominance after a one-game hiccup last year.
    WK 7 @ MIA-LOSS
    I really like the Dolphins this year and I think their 1-2 punch of Williams and Brown will be good enough on this day to beat us in a really good game.
    Wk 8 @ N.O.-Loss
    This one on Halloween will be a classic, but I think we'll get burned one too many times by the speed of the Saints.
    Wk 9 @ CIN-WIN
    The 2-game losing streak will end with a huge performance in prime-time in Cincinnati or as we call it, Heinz Field West.
    Wk 10 N.E.-WIN
    The Steelers D will take away any running game the Pats might have and too many throws for Brady means a lot of Steelers' pressure and I don't think New England's D will stop us either.
    Wk 11 OAK-WIN
    After last year's debacle, Steelers will be all over the Raiders.
    Wk 12 @ BUF-WIN
    Bills will provide an early challenge, but Steelers win.
    Wk 13 @ BALT-LOSS
    Staying true to form, the home teams win each game in 2010.
    Wk 14 CIN-LOSS
    Hangover from last week's game will catch the Steelers and they lose antoher at home to the Bungles.
    Wk 15 NYJ-WIN
    By this point, I believe the New York Rex will be struggling and will be the perfect antidote for our two-game losing streak.
    Wk 16 CAR-WINJimmy Clausen gets his first taste of the Blast Furnace and it will not be pretty.
    Wk 17 @ CLEV-WIN
    The Browns will once again have nothing to play for but pride and that's not enough as Steelers win and finish 11-5.

    What Worries Me?
    1. The 3-game stretch of Miami, New Orleans, Cincy all on the road, followed by Pats at home.
    2. The 3-game stretch of @ Baltimore then home to Cincy and the Jets.

    What I Like?
    1. Bye-week in Week 5 where, presuming BR is back, he'll have an extra week to prepare.

    NFC Playoffs(Winners in bold)
    NYG @ DAL
    GB @ SF

    NYG @ MIN
    GB @ N.O.

    MIN @ N.O.

    AFC Playoffs
    HOU @ SD
    PIT @ IND

    SD @ BALT
    PIT @ NE

    BALT @ NE

    Super Bowl
    N.O. over NE

    As much as we hate to admit it, I think Belichek is the best coach in the league and he will make the proper adjustments defensively to get them to the SB where they will ultimately not be able to deal with the speed of the Saints in Cowboys Stadium.

    League MVP: Drew Brees
    Off. POY: Philip Rivers
    Def. POY: LaMarr Woodley
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    Belicheat ain't sh^! he is the best coach at cheating and that's been proven...Tomlin is great against west coast offenses so we beat the Saints and Falcons, If we stay healthy on both sides of the ball we go 13-3 the worse 12-4 if we are healthy... the Steelers have something to prove this year and they will be on a mission, the only game that bothers me right now is the Titans game because both CJ and VY are fast and Vy is mobile we don't play good against QB's that run, Oakland is going to be better this year and we might split one with the RATS because of Ben not playing...

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