Hey guys, sorry if this is posted in the wrong part of your forums, I'm new to the site just trying to find things out. I'm 18 years old and have recently purchased tickets for me and my younger brother to go to the game from NY. I was wondering what are the best/decent hotels in Pittsburgh closest to the stadium and also was wondering if the train station in Pittsburgh is close to the stadium. Also, me and my brother are Raider fans, I was wondering if it would be okay for younger guys to wear our gear or would there be a problem? I know Steelers and Raiders have a little rivalry, but this is the closest game I can get to and have already purchased the tickets. If you think there would be a problem wearing our Raider gear, lemme know and we'll just wear plain T's. Btw, we're not dicks that are gonna be obnoxious, we just wanna see the teams play.

-Thank you.