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    From Black to Gold

    A good friend of mine, Michael Bean, owner of Behind the Steel Curtain has a writer by the name of Tim Gleason that has written a book. For those of you that visit BTSC, Tim goes by the name "maryrose" and has written some fantastic articles about are Steelers.
    I wanted to help him let Steeler Nation know about his new book.



    From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers

    by maryrose on Jul 20, 2010 9:02 PM EDT

    As many of you know, my book, From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers, will launch this Saturday, July 24. I'd like to give BTSC readers the first crack at pre-orders, plus give one lucky fan a nice prize. You folks have been overly kind to me over the past three years and have actually provided me with the inspiration to take on this project. What is neat about this book is that it was written by a simple fan. I am one of you. I am not an author on the "other side of the fence," with credentials and perks of that nature. I am on your side of the fence. I sit in the stands for every game. I tailgate. This book was written by a season-ticket holder, from the eyes of passion.
    Given that landscape, I was fortunate that Dick Hoak, who was with the Steelers for 45 years as a player and then coach, gave me some glowing reviews about a book with "unique perspective." I also sent a copy to Rocky Bleier and was humbled tremendously when he said that the book "belongs on every bookshelf in Steeler Nation." I was equally humbled that Art Rooney Jr. wrote the foreword. These endorsements were important, because my name is a no-name. I am not an athlete or coach whose name is instantly recognized, nor even an author with history. I'm just a fan. Thus, having those heavy hitters on my side was crucial to this venture.

    In addition to all of you, I have our fearless leader, Michael Bean, to thank. Blitz created my book website and was a valuable sounding board for just about every matter. He was calm when I was nervous and was astute in pointing out different angles. When I was spending all those hours writing and editing stories for BTSC for the past two-plus years, I never asked Blitz for anything or expected anything in return. Still, he returned the favor by spending countless hours of his own helping me launch this major endeavor. Michael, thank you.

    And BTSC readers, thanks again to you. As a small token to only you folks, you can pre-order the book right now at the following web site:
    To all BTSC readers who order by Monday, August 2, I will put your name in a hat. The winning draw will receive a vintage autograph photo of Jack Lambert, Jack Ham and Andy Russell (photo above), perhaps the best trio of linebackers in NFL history.
    Remember, if you buy the book by PayPal, you must type "BTSC" in the field to "add special instructions to merchant." If you pay by check, make sure you write BTSC on the memo line to be eligible for the drawing.
    With that, the book is now available to BTSC readers. To those who purchase, I truly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
    Tim Gleason, aka "maryrose"

    Thanks to Zachintosh66 for my awesome website banner!!

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    Thanks for the info Sal...BTSC is a great site with good Steelers insight & commentary. Im sure his book will be a big hit!

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    A good friend of mine, Michael Bean

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