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what i don't get is...

tiger admitted to sleeping w/ numerous chicks while married...the man cheated on his family...ben wasn't even convicted of anything...no kids were involved...and he cheated on no one...how the **** is he hated more than tiger?!
Are you ****ing serious with this comparison? For starters lets mention that you arent gonna rot in a jail cell if you admit to adultery. Cheating is not on par with rape....or even a rape accusation.

Take Kobe Bryant for example...does anyone give two ****s that he cheated on his wife other than his wife? No. Everyone cared about a rape accusation that was fairly easy to disprove when they actually dug into it. One is so much worse than the other it's not even funny...even if it is only an accusation.

I mean I know it's all rah rah Steelers and I normally wouldnt post outside of your NFL section.....but come the **** on. It's painfully obvious why people hate him at the moment...and it's far from unjust.

This doesn't really change my hatred any....I've never been fond of his persona....especially recently. It seems like he only gave a **** about himself more than anything for awhile. I can't honestly say I hated any other Steelers QB but this guy....so don't give me any of that typical BS.