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Thread: Ben, #3 mosted hated in sports

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    what i don't get is...

    tiger admitted to sleeping w/ numerous chicks while married...the man cheated on his family...ben wasn't even convicted of kids were involved...and he cheated on no the **** is he hated more than tiger?!

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    I don't care if he is hated. We need him to win football games not elections!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post
    Who gives a shiat! They'll hate him even more when he brings us #7 this year!
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    Lets admit it, we love to hate them. Its so easy to let some of the frustration, you build up during the week, out on some dude in the television. They dont fight back or anything.

    I root for Vick, Ben and Tiger whenever they play really. (Not when Vick is players Steelers ofc). I don't really care what they do out of the field. I want to be entertained, and all 3 entertain me.
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    Of Course

    People hate the Steelers just like the Lakers, Cowboys, and any team that wins Championships. Every NFL Fan thinks there team has a chance and therefore by default we are more hated as team, and the QB takes the brunt of it. People like Brady and Manning cause they are Golden boys, and Ben is the bad boy. Joe Namath has a more checkered past then Ben does.

    America's nature is to build you up to a champion then when you are successful too much, tear you down to the norm.

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    According to my ex I am the most hated

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    This is great, lets ignore the athletes who have killed someone or even the Williams (both of them) of the Vikings who should have been suspended, but it would have hurt the Vikings playoff chances two years ago, so they appealed and still they still havent served it and the list goes on and on. Brandon Marshall who has has more arrests than recieving yards, or ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post
    Who gives a shiat! They'll hate him even more when he brings us #7 this year!
    Yeah but think about how much more he'll be hated if/when that happens. And believe me I got faith he's gonna we're getting there. Bad enough if you're a consistant winner, folks wanna knock ya down but add a bad reputation to it and it's a whole different animal...

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    As a Steelers fan I eat up your hate and drink of your tears.

    Bring it on!

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    The good news is, Ben has nothing to lose anymore, so now it's time for him to lead us to another championship, and make everybody's hatred of him even more extreme. He's a lightning rod now, but you know what the most awesome thing is about a lightning rod? It can take all that energy and bury it in the ground like it's nothing. Now it's time for Ben to funnel everybody's hatred of him into the ground like it's nothing.
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