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Thread: **MUST SEE**First real interview with Ben since Georgia incident

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    Sounds sincere BUT who didn't expect this?? I'll bet my next paycheck that this is all being coordinated by some PR firm...

    that being said his actions will speak louder than words.Talk is cheap,it's time to walk the walk...
    can I fit anymore cliques in??
    yeah no doubt...knowing you I am sure you know more...

    I do believe he is sincere....and he BETTER walk the walk!!!

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    He's sorry alright .....

    Sorry he got caught, then exposed, then his rep put into a PR tailspin.
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    I saw this whole interview when it aired. I believe it was put together by his PR but you can't put together they way he preceives it. I believe he was sincere by the way he preceived the interview and did it very well. I agree though actions speak louder than words, feel if he is serious then we got our QB back and look forward to him playing like he used to when he started with the Steelers.

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    I also believe he is sincere at this point. The thing is, you get into game mode, are in the middle of all that chaos, and your basic instincts take over. His field play and management will take more effort to change (if it is even needed) than his off the field play, so to speak.

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    Their back, all the Fair weather Ben fans, He was condenmed and now all the same people hear 1 interview and now he is in their good graces.

    You all didn't believe him before (you know who you are) about being innocent but now he does one interview and it's all good as long as he is a good boy. Start of the season must be near.
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    Yes when all the stuff was coming out about what Ben did we get mad specially when things kept happening. He is a player we want to believe in. Now for what I understand I think this site was for us to talk and get some of our frustrations out on. So to say we're fair weather fans of Ben is not really true. We were all upset. I'm not saying I believe he did it or not, I still know what I've heard about him in the past. But to say he can change, there is nothing wrong with that. If he is true then his actions will speak louder than his words.
    When Ben first started for us I was a Big Ben fan through and through but the more he got in trouble the more I was second guessing who he really was. I don't believe he raped anyone I just think he got involved in situations he should of not been in, in the first place that were not right. I'm just hoping maybe he learned from his mistakes. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. We all know we're not perfect.
    So if I'm one of these fair weather fans your speaking of I'm sorry. I know I came on here a few times to vent about Ben when things were going down. My point is I can care less what he does in his personal life and long as he keeps it on the dl and stays out of trouble. I just want him to play the damn game. I'm about football not the players personal lives.

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    Arrow The INTERVIEW!!

    Damn good! Thanx BRC for the link. Much appreciated. I'm a BELIEVER... Ben will show what he can do to be a better person...not that he isn't already IMHO. In some people's minds, he is a felon of the worst kind.. think that someone has taken the 'awkward option' in the decision process is deemed a VERY BAD person... I expected this saga to be long forgotten as soon as Ben gets to playing Steeler football and the media (sectors of) will not be forgiven if they don't OWE to themselves in paying tribute to Ben of showing the way back. No wonder Ben refuses to communicate with certain media outlets that have been relentlessly scathing of an overblown situation.

    Solid interview with great Q&A. There is an excellent opportunity for Big Ben to change peoples minds about him. He isn't a tarnished individual as he hasn't destroyed another life. The slag who asked for trouble got her 'attention fix' ...the burning question is whether people who are effected by this saga will ever learn from this experience. I have no doubt Ben will rebound because he has plenty to prove and the ability to let his actions speak in volumes.  10

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    I would love to know how some people have become experts on determining if someone is sincere in their apologies.. It's not enough to apoligize anymore now these sincereity determiners come out and say i give him a 3.175 out of ten on sincerity how do you determine this. i've seen some people say by his haircut and others by his attire you people need to get a life... personally i didn't think he did a damn thing wrong but act like a fool and these people who continue to say that he developed a trend of bad behavior how do you determine that . The woman from lake tahoe is a grifter and ben is the victim of extortion she should be arrested . How is this a trend... To all LOYAL and DEDICATED through thick and thin fans, do not let the fair weather fans forget their fair weatheredness when the season starts, ben is our quarterback and if they cant support ben then they don't support the steelers... GO STEELERS ... GO BIG BEN...

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    OK...So if you believe that Ben did nothing wrong you're a true loyal Steelers fan. And if you think he's a dirt bag through and through or if you think he was wrong but are willing to give him another chance you're a fair weather Steelers fan.

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    I don't really understand what his point was either. 1. I don't think anyone said he developed a trend of bad behavoir..I believe the term was bad decisions. And from the motorcycle accident to the rape accusations (whether he actually did it or not), he did make bad decisions. I don't even know how you can dispute that. 2. I think you're taking the comments about his apology and the sincerity of it a little more literally than a lot of people meant. I don't know about everyone else, but I personally very much appreciated the apology because of the way he carried himself and the answers that he gave. Why would I give a damn about a player apologizing to his fans if he didn't mean it? 3. What you're saying is that if we didn't support Ben going out and getting drunk with underaged college girls then we aren't true Steelers fans? Just because some people got upset with Ben and the decisions he made, does not mean that we are, "fairweather fans." Being a loyal and dedicated fan doesn't mean that you support every action that every player on your team does, or never get upset with a player..that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Being a loyal fan means that you stick with a team no matter what, and from what I've seen, nobody here is jumping ship to be a Ravens fan because they're dissapointed in Ben's decisions.

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