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Hey Guys and Gals,
A good friend of mine is working on a great project and needs fellow Steelers fans to help him complete it by answering why you are a Steelers fan. The directions are below and he needs at least 250 fans to post their story for him to finish his project.
Please post it here, so that he can keep track of your story because I will be posting this on other Steelers messageboards and on facebook.

When he gets all of his stories needed, he will give away a prize from his collectables store to a randomly drawn poster.
Here is whats required by William for his project;
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No matter how long you have been a Steeler fan, 60 minutes or 60 years, i wolud like to know the 3 most memorable moments in Steeler history that makes you the die hard Steeler fans that you are. so put your name, were your from, how long you have been a Steeler fan, how old you are etc;etc; so help me out Steeler fans and you will enjoy the end results. and also put .

William Disso
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Hope you all participate because this is gonna be a really great project he is working on!!!

Can this please be made a Stickie so that it may stay on the front page and not get buried?
Hope this is in the right section..if not, can you please move it. Thanks.

Thanks, Sal
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Well the project is complete:

The Black and Gold
The Greatest Love Story ever told

Well Bill finished the book and it's on sale now. The book has all our stories in it from our posts about how and why we became fan's of our beloved Steelers.

This is how you can get his book: ( Bill sent me the info below)

You can order it by going on to either amazon or barnes and nobel, the other way would be by ordering it from me at thanks sal
Can't wait to read it just knowing that the stories are personal, from friends of mine...."True Diehard Steelers Fans"!!!!!.

Thanks TG and AZ for leaving this as a stickie....I just wish more folks here would of participated. I hope whoever gets the book enjoys it.