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Thread: Steelers/Bucs Poem (finally) 12/03/06

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    Steelers/Bucs Poem (finally) 12/03/06

    ok, it hurt a little to write this one .. :-)

    Last Sunday we played the Ravens in Baltimore
    The whole story of the game isn't told by the score

    The game started at 1 - I think our O-Line forgot
    And the way we were playing, even Kyle Boller looked hot

    Ben was sacked so often he had purple nightmares
    And after a hit to the chest we all said our prayers

    We managed to give up less points than we could have that day
    With as much as our defense was forced to play

    The Ravens played well - looking like Superbowl contenders
    While it was a pitiful showing from the reigning defenders

    This poem was definitely a hard one to write
    Our Steelers sure look like they lost their fight

    Will Cowher stay or will he go?
    That is something we all want to know

    It doesn't look like he'll be going to NC State
    But what about the Steelers? We'll just have to wait

    Last week's game is one we'd all like to forget
    And for this week's game we must get set

    This game we'll play host to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    A team we haven't played in about 4 years

    Brad Johnson was their QB back then
    Now they have Bruce and we have Ben

    We may be out of the playoffs but I'll still cheer them on
    Till the last minute of the season is gone

    So whether you watch at home or in the home field crowd
    Win or lose they're still our Steelers and we're still proud!

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    Great stuff Michele, just like always...but I know what you mean, reliving that game last week is just a nightmare !

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    I think after a game like that you should be excused from having to write about it! Another great job though!

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    House of Steel
    This woman continues to amaze me in more ways. How in the world could you write about that hellish nightmare from last weekend? That was pure guts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by House of Steel View Post
    How in the world could you write about that hellish nightmare from last weekend? That was pure guts.
    Always good stuff !! Of course she got guts, she's a STEELERS fan !!!

    BITE ME ICS!...Woodsonsgirl

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    House of Steel
    YES SIR!!! We all got guts.

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