Rd One - Pouncey - remember last year when we needed to address the O line in the draft and really didn't - this year we get a contributor who will step in immediately
Rd Two - starting to go downhill - Worilds is a special teamer and backup. While I like the build and track record of the kid I sure thought there were some higher needs - didn't Rooney talk in the offseason about getting players playing earlier?
Rd Three - This was another head scratcher. I've only seen him play the slot - I would think this is where 'Twan is going to play this year. People may think Twan is old but he caught 50 balls or more for the last three years with Jason Campbell throwing him the ball.

Conclusion thus far - Besides Pouncey I don't see much immediate contribution from these three. I like it for "building the stables", but we need some improvement this year - as you recall we had an embarassing season for the ages last year - lost to the Chiefs (I was there), Raiders, Browns...