This draft could make or break the steelers immediate playoff potential for years to come. With a draft this deep one could argue we should use all 11 picks, but I am hoping the steelers make at least one move to pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rd pick. Let's be honest how many of the 11 would actually stick? With Ben out for 6 gms we need help on the O-line more than ever, well in any event onto the ultimate draft:

1st: M. Pouncey, C FLA or M. Lupatai, G IDAHO

Our offensive line ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league.

2nd: C.Cook, CB VIRGINIA or D.Warren CB/S MICH

A No.2 CB is a necessity we cannot overlook.

3rd: A) M.Rolle, S FLA ST or A. Carrington, DE ARK ST

3rd: B) by way of trade with either KC, SEA, WASH OR TB for our 4,5 picks

J.Asamoah, G ILL or J.Valdheer, OT HILLSDALE

See 1st rd comment about these picks.

4th: If we cannot workout trade.

M.Johnson, G ALA or E.Wang, T VIRG TECH

Still need O-line help.

5th: If we cannot workout trade.

K.Chancellor, FS VIRG TECH or P.Angerer, ILB IOWA

5th: CJ.Wilson, DE E.CAR or T.Troup, DT CEN FLA

5Th: G.Graham, TE WIS or B.White, WR MICH ST

5th: E.Sanders, WR S.METH or D.Watson, ILB FLA ST

6th: K.Williams, RB LSU or A.Smith, RB KENTUCKY or J.Jamse, RB MIA

7th: C. Alexander, DT or N. Byham, TE PITT

7th: Bryon Leftwich, QB
Good Pickup with BB out for 6!