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Thread: OK... Pick your #1

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    eagles are in need of a center.. here is a blib out of philly.

    but Shipley is a much more interesting prospect. An all-American in college, Shipley was drafted in the seventh round a year ago, but spent last season on the Steelers' practice squad.

    He's "a guy we liked in last year's draft," Roseman said. "He's been a productive player at a big-time school, and he's doing a good job here."

    If the Eagles really like what they see out of Shipley - or McGlynn and Reynolds, for that matter - it would be difficult to envision them expending a top pick on a center. Of course, not many teams "waste" high picks on centers.

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    I need the draft to get here too because I can't commit to anything.

    Who do I want or Who will it be?

    I am bracing for a shocker:

    Thomas/Haden/Wilson; help for secondary

    Who do I think it will be:
    Left tackle; whether it is one who falls to them or one they trade for

    A shock if it happened, but just to be prepared for it:

    Graham/ Cody/Wiliams

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    thomas interview with gruden.

    all i want is thomas, i dont care for the rest of my life we dont go to the super bowl, really love the dude, mega man crush

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