I normally do these and just tell my friends or whatever but I figured what the hell. So here it is rip it apart, make fun of me, challenge my sanity, w/e, enjoy!

Selection uno #1 STL Sammy Bradford. I wish I could make some controversial pick here but the private workouts and the rams glaring need for a 'franchise qb' it seems a lock. For the record I don't like Bradford as a pro QB, reminds me of Alex Smith. If I were Spags I'd be all over taking Suh or Okung.

Selection deuce #2 DET Russell Okung. Did you see that movie, Blindside(Sandra Bullock = MILF)? “The first check is the mortgage, the second is the insurance,” some s!@t like that, either way Okung beats out Suh by a slim margin to take the #2 spot and be the bestest buddy of that former Bulldog Qb I forget the name of.....omg.....aaaahhhhh....Matt Stafford right. Pretty Blue chip selection good size, athleticism, technique, a real knee bender.

Selection tre #3 TB Ndamukong Suh. The defensive tackle battle. I don't know why but I get bad vibes from McCoy, I like the guy and everything, and maybe I'm looking too much into it but his bench at the combine scared me, it had to be at least 25. When you watch the tape he makes all his plays using great hand tech. and exceptional quickness at 300+, but he does get stood up by bigger guards and tackles and rarely attracts the double team in the run game even at the college level. Basically he needs to be an under tackle in a 4-3 and TB is a great fit but Suh is just too good, no downside, sure thing, etc, etc.

Selection #4 WASH Trent Williams. The Redskins just have too big a need and I believe Williams' value will rise right before the draft as really the only other tackle (beside Okung) without big questions. I hope he starts at right and does the sophomore switch to LT. Super athletic specimen that can actually play football (low blow sorry brucy).

Selection #5 KC/Jimmy Clausen Believer Anthony Davis/Jimmy Clausen. This pick will be hotly pursued by any of the teams that believe Jimmy Clausen is a franchise QB. With Seattle up next the issue if forced and teams who are desperate for new starts get into a bidding war for the golden haired bandit. Watch Browns, Raiders, Bills, Broncos. Barring that possibility, we now have a full out run on offensive tackles, its a passing league after all. Brian Bulaga is licking his Polish chops right now at all the sausage hes going to be able to buy now that hes a top ten lock. Anthony Davis has supposed off-field 'issues' that I don't buy into as a problem, plus hes one of the scariest man you've ever seen.

Selection #6 SEA Jimmy Clausen. I'm just slaying McCoy right now, and its awful hes such a nice kid. I truly believe Clausen is gone already but if he makes it here Seattle takes the future from ND.

Selection #7 CLE Eric Berry. They should get Mike Mayock to announce this pick because he says Eric Berry's name with this hilarious accent, if you've seen NFLNet you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Berry is a prototypical safety prospect in the vain of the Ed Reed's and Troy Polamalu's. Too bad safeties aren't typically drafted very high or he'd be top 3 talent. Fast and agile enough to cover a slot receiver or 3rd down back, but also physical enough to play in and around the box as he did a lot of a Volunteer, now he'll get paid to do it.

Selection #8 OAK Bruce Campbell. 40 yard dash = 4.77 @ 6'6” 314 lbs. I really hope the raiders would take McCoy who has fallen all this way but something tells me it will be Campbell.

Selection #9 BUF Brian Bulaga. McCoy is obviously in play here and as we move along I fear I'm leaving him off my list too long, but I have trouble giving him to a team attempting to transition into a 3-4 defense although I suppose he could play RE, maybe. This pick may well be a trade up for McCoy allowing buffalo to acquire multiple seconds or something to fill various needs in a deep draft. If not the run on tackles leaves them with Bulaga, a guy seen as 'blue collar,' 'good character,' blah, blah. Accomplished college edge protector but I have large concerns with his arm length and ability to shut down elite rushers at the next level. I foresee a RT in LT clothes.

Selection #10 JAX Gerald McCoy. There, hes done, out of the way. Honestly he's probably already gone anytime after two and before eight. McCoy in Jacksonville would actually be a great fit as John Henderson would allow McCoy to play that 3 technique spot and make plays in the backfield. Jacksonville is also definitely in play to trade up for McCoy if he falls as predicted.

Selection #11 DEN Rolando McClain. The Broncos recently worked out Dez Bryant and had only good things to say about him, leading me to believe strongly that they will not take him. I just can't see them taking anyone with perceived 'character issues' at this point after the Marshall & Cutler fiasco. The broncos get a guy in McClain who is, by all records, a class guy off the field and a leader on it. He ran Saban's pro defense at Tuscaloosa for two years from the Mike and would give Denver the hammer you need at ILB to run a successful 3-4.

Selection #12 MIA Earl Thomas. By this point the picks are far less obvious and very little separates the players other than team needs and trends. Miami has a few glaring needs that all seem to fall on defense but they could be tempted by either Bryant or C.J. Spiller if they feel that they have tremendous value there. But Parcell's wants 'his guy' and its tough to tell if thats Thomas or Dan Williams, the perceived best NT prospect. So I'll come out and say Thomas is the better all around baller. Super quick, super instinctive, and plays center field like Willie Mays. My only concerns have to do with his physicality down near the line.

Selection #13 SF C.J.Spiller. This becomes a purely 'best guy on the board' deal with San Fran getting the best back in the draft to add some lightning to their thunder(Gore).

Selection #14 SEA Derrick Morgan. If the board has ran somewhat similar to the picks I've predicted, this becomes a split-hair affair between USF's (boo USF) Jason Pierre Paul's ridiculous hops and Derrick Morgan's steady college career(and decent hops himself). Because this is Seattle, not Oakland so the pick is Morgan.

Selection #15 NYG Dan Williams. Its a shame, big Dan Williams would be such a good fit as a 3-4 nose but at this point his value is too high to pass up and the Giants love their lineman rotations. Notable Point about #15: The buzz on the net is if McClain makes it here he'll be the Giants pick absolutely 100%, also watch for trades into the #14 spot for him.

Selection #16 TEN Jason Pierre Paul. A boom bust prospect, the man is a total freak athletically with nearly 35 inch arms @ 6'4” 270 ilbs, with a clocked 4.6 in the 40. Tennessee took a similar player to JPP from UF who was 'the freak,' so look to see them add this super athletic specimen to a diminished d-line now without Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Selection #17 SF Sergio Kindle. San Francisco got an explosive offensive weapon with their previous pick so now they go defense and get an explosive pass rusher in Kindle. Kindle draws overwhelming comparisons with former teammate Brian Orakpo who was widely seen as a 3-4 OLB coming out of Texas, the same position Kindle would play with SF. Matched up with Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson, Sergio would give the 49ers one of the best young linebacking corps in the ma'fackin' league.

Selection #18 PIT Joe Haden. This pick took a while to come up with but I feel comfortable giving the worlds greatest team this University of Florida product to sure up that **** poor secondary they currently field. Not only is this a position of need for the Steelers, Haden provides tremendous value at the #18 spot and will probably already be gone to the 49ers. After the Holmes trade either Dez Bryant, if he falls this far, or Demaryius Thomas have to be considered and certainly Mike Iupati or Pouncey are possibilities.