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    Trading #18

    I heard this months ago and thought I'd bring it back to light with all thats happened and with the draft being this week.

    Would you Trade the #18 pick to TAmpa for their two 2nd rounders # 35 & 42?
    Would you trade back with the Philly or NE to acquire their 2nd (philly #37,NE #44) then trade with Kc for both of their 2nd rounders #36 & 50?
    Its also Possible that Philly based on value chart would have to give up #37 & #55 to move up to #18. Therefore that would be the better trade and keep our 1st round pick and closer to the top of round 2. What do you think?

    **** correction *** I forgot to add the value of the first rd pick from the team swapping with us. Therefore Phily & NE wouldnt give up a 2nd rounder to move up to 18 from their spot. They would give up two second rounders if they wanted the 18th pick out right. In that case I'd go after Tampa's & Kc's two second round picks or Trade back with the Jets for their 2nd rounder.
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