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Thread: How about them Bucs aka Pirates

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    How about them Bucs aka Pirates

    How about them Pirates 7-5 and playing some good ball... they just completed a three-game sweep of the reds and if they keep this up. They just mite have a above 500 year...

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    Unfortunately Pirates history dictates that if they keep playing like this, they will have a few players to trade.

    James Harrison - "Right now, you know, some people may want to jump on the Steelers bandwagon.
    Don't do that. We don't need you. We didn't need you at the beginning, we don't need you now."

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    I still dont think theyll finish above .500 but Ill say that theyll be close. I like the make up of their ball club. Also, if they trade McCutchen.... I quit.

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    Yea guys are playing awsome now b/c they know come all-star break they will be traded. Been a pirates fan all my life and it sickens me how the latest trend is to trade away all the talent by the all star break. i say sell the team to Mario. Look what he has done for the Penguins. We have the nicest park in baseball to constantly have the worse record year after year for last 17 seasons.
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