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Thread: Steelers' Draft: Colbert knows who to tap in draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    you can call a draft a bad draft after one minute. i dont need flashy or instant impact guys, thats not what me calling this past draft a fiasco....but i would like guys to have some potential to contribute down the line....something we got very little of last year.

    this article is bullshit, i call shenanigans....he has not been exceptional in mid-later rounds....i mean colon and keisel are nice players but for 1 success there is easily 7-8 fails in the mold of bruce davis, willie reid, cameron stephenson, frank summers, AQ shipley, ricardo coclough, trai essex....i could go on and on but they are better at UDFAs than they are in the 3rd round...which is sad
    Not pushing back at ya here, I honestly don't know and do not pay any attention to college ball so, what makes a good draft to you? Which team has a better percentage of makes than breaks?

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    Colbert has been very good, over the long hual, at getting us good players. When you compare our draft picks with every other team in the league over a 10 year mark, well he's done the job well.

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