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Thread: Keep Ben or Trade Him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post

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    I really don't think there's any way he's traded...I just don't see it happening.

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    Looks like we will find out monday or tuesday...

    --- Added 4/18/2010 at 09:59 PM ---

    Cole: Roethlisberger suspension to be announced Tuesday
    Posted by Matt Loede on April 18th, 2010 in News, Opinions

    Many felt that a suspension for Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would not come till after Thursday’s NFL Draft kicks off, but now Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports! reports that the suspension, which I have felt all along will be two games, will be announced by commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday.

    Heres the tidbit from Cole about the announcement of the suspension:

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Monday or Tuesday as a result of the recent sexual assault investigation in Milledgeville, Ga., multiple sources have indicated to Yahoo! Sports.

    Though the Ocmulgee Circuit District Attorney announced last Monday that Roethlisberger wouldn’t be charged in the case, sources close to the quarterback said he is unlikely to fight the punishment.

    Roethlisberger, who apologized following last week’s announcement for the negative attention the incident garnered, would prefer to put the matter to rest as quickly as possible, three sources close to him said.

    “Ben understands where this is going and he knows there’s punishment he’ll have to take,” one of the aforementioned sources close to Roethlisberger said. “He knows how much this hurt the team and the league. He wants to make this right.”

    While NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said he has been given no timetable for a decision, the question remains whether Goodell will keep the suspension to one or two games or make it four games or longer. It is also unknown whether the Steelers will levy an additional penalty upon Roethlisberger of if a punishment will be factored into the league’s suspension. Over the weekend, two league sources said Goodell was growing angrier by the day as more information from the investigation became public.

    The Steelers have said all along they have had plenty of contact with the NFL about the matter, so an additional couple of games on top of what the NFL gives him probably won’t happen, if it’s two games like I have thought it would be, I would say the league basically is saying they will suspend him a game, and the Steelers a game.

    Nevertheless, the team would like to get this matter dealt with as well, so they can begin to plan life without the franchise QB, no matter how long it may be when the 2010 season kicks off.

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    Excellent. The sooner it's announced, the sooner all the " chicken little; the sky is falling" fans can go get a life.

    Also, this will give Dennis Dixon a big boost to know he's going to be starting the first couple of games.
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    Ben deserves to sit 1 to 2 games after reading the parts of personal conduct policy he did violate it by buying and drinking with under age people. Guess we are lucky that state of GA not going after him for buying her the shots.
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    I'm torn on the situation. I realize trading Ben would set the organization back. I realize it's so hard to find a QB who can win a Super Bowl, and Ben has won two. I realize Dennis Dixon, or Sam Bradford would be significant down grades.

    But I also realize the Steelers way and their traditions are much bigger and important than any one player. I realize Ben was deemed innocent because no charges could be filed. But I don't have my head in the sand, I realize in the true meaning of the word Ben wasn't completely innocent, and my not have been innocent at all.

    For as good a decision maker he is on the field, he's equally as bad a decision maker in his spare time. There have been atleast 3 questionable incidents with Ben and a female and of course the bike accident. Ben's troubled off season's have almost become an annual event.

    I've met Ben, and know a few people who have had a lot of contact with Ben. One friend of mine who actually knows Ben quite well says he is the most arrogant person he's ever met. This person has frequent contact with big stars due to his job.

    Something else that has to be considered is the attitude in the locker room. Before all this it has been suggested that there are quite a few players in that locker room who don't care for Ben. I just wonder what his approval rating is now.

    What if he does something else? Then he's worth a 5th round pick.

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    If Ben has really learned his lesson, then we should keep him and give him another chance, maybe. I will never buy a #7 jersey, and will never feel the same way about Ben, but what players do in the offseason is important to me. I am not saying everyone has to agree with me or feel the same way, I am just saying for me. However, if Ben hasnt learned his lesson and pulls another stunt, then we could be in trouble. He would basically have no value in comparison to what he is worth and if a salary cap comes back, then cutting or trading him would cost us significantly in cap space to the tune of 18 million if it would be next season. No team could take that hit and still put together a winning team. So, if there is any doubt in Ben changing his ways, I would trade him now.

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    Per the sticky that LarryNJ referenced, this thread is being closed because we've already talked about this 9 ways to Sunday in one of the other million Ben threads.

    Colbert will announce any punishment on Tuesday and we can have a new thread about this then.

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